Mission & Vision


The Mission

Our mission at YLSDA is simple: Build.
We want to build God's Kingdom together.
In doing so we want to help build you, build your family, build your church, build your neighborhood, and ultimately build the world.

The Vision

YLSDA seeks to:
BUILD a vibrant Jesus-centered community
BUILD a foundation for the future generation and leaders
BUILD a safe open-minded atmosphere for worship and fellowship

Our Five Year Plan

In 2020, Yorba Linda SDA Church started a 5 year voyage with the goal of building up God's Kingdom.
Every year until the year 2025, we will focus on one aspect of our Build Initiative:
Year One: Build You
Year Two: Build Family
Year Three: Build Church
Year Four: Build Neighborhood
Year Five: Build World
We invite you to join our journey! It's okay if you missed a few; all of our sermons are in our library for you to explore at your leisure!

Help us fulfill our mission: To Build God's Kingdom. Together.